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Swedish Massage with Hot Stones – Helps relieve Stress and Pain
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Swedish Massage with Hot Stones – Helps relieve Stress and Pain

Swedish Massage with Hot Stones – Helps relieve Stress and Pain

#SwedishMassage combined with #HotStones is a wonderfully relaxing, traditional massage that has great benefits of stress relief, pain relief and leaves you feeling very relaxed and rejuvenated.  @Safflower Day Spa, this is one of our top massages requested.

Massage is becoming a well studied complementary therapy and is certainly a perfect treat when the stresses of life build up, causing tight muscles and pain in the #shoulders, #back, #lower back and #jaw.   The combination of heated stones can increase blood flow to the achy areas and add another level of stress relief.

This type of massage combines long Swedish strokes and targeted acupressure techniques which can help relieve tension and pain in specific areas of your body.  There are so many small stresses of daily living that accumulate and can eventually lead to poor sleep and a general lack of relaxation.   This spiral of events can cause extra stress on your muscles without you even realizing it.   Giving yourself some “me time” once a month can prevent and relieve the tension in the muscles and help you feel more in control of your overall health.

Who may benefit from Swedish Massage with Hot Stones?

This massage is one of the most enjoyed and accredited massage techniques worldwide and can be very beneficial for all ages and anyone experiencing pain, insomnia or stress.

The hot stones are smooth, flat, heated stones that are placed on specific parts of your body.   These stones are usually a type of volcanic rock called basalt that retains heat well.   The heat is not unpleasant and is usually around 130 – 145 degrees.   They are placed along the spine, stomach,palms of your hands, chest, face and then on your feet and toes.   Your therapist may use the heated stones to massage gently using Swedish massage techniques such as long strokes, circular movements, tapping or kneading.

Take the time to treat yourself to this wonderfully therapeutic massage:

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