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Sports Massage for Athletes
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Sports Massage for Athletes

Sports Massage for Athletes

A Sports Massage from,  @SafflowerDaySpa,  is like music to any athlete’s ears!   After a hard workout or training session, a great massage can be beneficial to so many areas of your body:

  • Psychological Benefits – How your brain responds to touch, relaxation and deep tissue, long strokes massage
  • Physiological Benefits – How your internal organs such as your heart and blood pressure respond to healthy stimulation from regular exercise and relaxation
  • Physical Benefits – How your muscles, tendons and ligaments adjust and respond to the extreme training and the body care that comes from massage

According to Julia Kirtland, owner of Core 3 Sports Massage in Portland, Maine, and the 1997 U.S. marathon champion, mostly agrees with the review’s findings.

“Massage helps athletes maintain overall muscle health by identifying areas of tension and addressing them before an injury occurs,” she said. “Massage increases tissue flexibility and muscle relaxation, improves range of motion, relieves trigger points, as well as reduces adhesions. Combined, these benefits of massage help the athlete remain active, optimize his or her training, and maximize performance.”

“I think it’s through keeping muscles healthy that massage helps performance,” Kirtland said.

Relaxation – Sports Massage can activate the parasympathetic system which is responsible for the inner workings of your whole body.

Stress Relief – Research has shown that our bodies do not function properly when exposed to long periods of stress.   Massage can reduce the production of stress hormones in the body and this in turn could prevent or reduce unwanted injuries and illness.  Massage can bring you back into balance and improve your deep breathing which helps your blood pressure and improves circulation.

Muscle Soreness – DOMS or Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness, the day after pain and stiffness from a heavy training or competition.  Massage may help to relax muscle tissue and increase blood circulation, helping muscles recover and repair a lot quicker.

Endorphins – There is no doubt that these wonderful chemicals that release throughout our bodies after a workout and massage, are so therapeutic.

One thing all athletes strive for is improved performance. For all our fit #Denverites, taking care of your body and mind through exercise and massage, is probably the one thing in your control. Well-kept muscles will allow you to run faster, jump higher, swim further, walk longer, lift heavier, or improve that golf swing.

Give yourselves a real treat and have a full body Sports Massage regularly to help you maintain your peak fitness and feel great.

Feel good! Massage will release those wonderful chemicals called ‘Endorphins’. They make us feel better and reduce our pain.

Reduced injury time. Massage allows injured muscles, tendons and ligaments to heal in the right way. It guides the growing new tissue ensuring a quality repair and reduces any unwanted scar tissue.  Less time out of action.

More movement. Massage increases the movement of your joints by lengthening and stretching out your muscles. It also increases the synovial fluid inside the joints. We all make sure our cars have enough oil in it to run smoothly, it’s the same thing, very important or both ! Smooth, pain free movement.

Improve your performance. For those active and sporty ones out there massage will help increase your performance. Well-kept muscles will allow you to run faster, jump higher, swim further, walk longer, lift heavier, or improve that golf swing. You get the picture. Whatever your activity or sport you will benefit.