Safflower Day SPA

Our various therapeutic massages help relieve back and neck pain, reduce stress and inflammation leaving you relaxed and renewed. Call Today!
7350 W 88th Ave Unit E, 80021 Westminster,
Phone: 720-779-7038
Our therapists can relieve sciatica, lower back pain, muscle strain, neck pain and stress with reflexology. Call us now!
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Relieve Back Pain
Relieve Sciatica
Relieve Muscle Strain


The practise of Reflexology Massage will initially target the pressure points in the feet, hands, face, spine and ears helping to relieve stress and tension in certain troublesome and painful areas of your body.


The premise of reflexology is that reflexes in the body sync with glands, organs, and soft tissues, and the application of pressure to specific reflexes may benefit your health, circulation, digestion and relieve lower back pain, sciatica and muscle strain. Today, reflexology is used as part of holistic and complementary medicine, and was first used for medical purposes in the early 1900s in Russia. While massage and other forms of alternative medicine rely on manipulating bones, muscles, and soft tissues, reflexology allows practitioners to indirectly work on the problematic body area without causing pain.


Our Reflexology Massage therapists can properly stimulate the proprioceptors on these areas, which may increase stimulation of nerve endings, helping to calm and relax the body.  Once the therapist has completed the reflexology on these extremities, a full massage on the rest of your body will give you an overall massage treatment that will help to alleviate pain symptoms and leave you feeling deeply relaxed. 


Contact us today to book your massage. We proudly serve clients in the Westminster and surrounding areas of Denver.

Contact us today to book your massage. We proudly serve clients in the Westminster and surrounding areas of Denver.

7350 W 88th Ave Unit E, Westminster, CO 80021
Call: 720-323-4107