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Deep Tissue Oil Massage with Hot Stones
Deep Tissue Massage is intense pressure for muscle spasm, neck pain, shoulder pain and improves blood flow to ease muscle tension. Safflower Day Spa, Westminster CO.
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Deep Tissue Oil Massage with Hot Stones

Deep Tissue Oil Massage with Hot Stones

Traditionally designed to apply pressure to layers of muscle, tendons and other tissues deep under the skin, deep tissue oil massage can be very effective in relieving problem areas, pain and tension and is extremely therapeutic.

A deep tissue massage is very beneficial and can offer great relief to anyone suffering from chronic pain and soreness such as athletes or people who have very physically demanding jobs.  With repetitive movements and long hours of desk work,  muscles easily become tense and deep tissue massage can relieve some chronic patterns of pain and tension, specifically in the back, shoulder and neck areas.

Understanding the difference in stroke techniques and pressure that are required for this type of massage as compared to Swedish Massage is important. During a deep tissue massage, the strokes are more forceful, which releases tension in the deeper layers of muscle.  After your muscles are warmed up, more intense pressure will be used in a Deep Tissue Massage.

Our highly skilled massage therapists at Safflower Day Spa are trained in Deep Tissue Massage and with regular treatments, you should begin to feel a shift in your pain levels, helping your body to relax and let go of the muscle tension.

Adding to this therapeutic massage are the benefits of Hot Stone Massage.

Hot stones improve blood flow and ease muscle tension.  During a hot stone massage, heated stones are placed on different areas of your body.  Your therapist may also move and massage your body with the hot stones, helping to improve blood flow, ease muscle tension and promote overall relaxation and stress.

Contact us @SafflowerDaySpa to discuss your specific needs and we will recommend the type of treatment you will need to promote your overall well being.

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