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Our various therapeutic massages help relieve back and neck pain, reduce stress and inflammation leaving you relaxed and renewed. Call Today!
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Deep Tissue Oil Massage with Hot Stone
Combining hot stones, a deep tissue massage our therapists will help relieve pain and muscle tension. Call today.
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Deep Tissue Oil Massage with Hot Stone

Sports Injuries
Pain Relief
Muscle Tension


Deep Tissue massage is usually recommended for relieving problematic, painful areas in the body.

Traditionally designed to be highly therapeutic by using a flowing massage technique and applying pressure to layers of muscles, tendons and other tissues deep under the skin.

Our Deep Tissue massage therapists focus on the connective tissues where muscles are in spasm, relieving tension, especially in the shoulder area, back and neck areas.  Connective tissues support all structures of one’s body, including the skin, bones and muscles so it’s important to help release the tightness making the muscles softer, and more flexible again.

Deep Tissue Massages are beneficial for sports related injuries, relieving pain and tightness with deep pressure and the heat of the hot stones.   This intense massage can help to separate layers of muscle that have adhered to each other due to overuse.


One of the most beneficial ways to improve blood flow to an area is with hot stone massage.   The heat from the hot stones helps to reduce tension, deeply penetrating your muscles, creating an overall state of relaxation and healing.

Your therapist will use the hot stones to warm up your painful areas, then gently massage with the smooth, hot stones, working on your more vulnerable areas.

Hot Stone Massage can help to create a deep sense of relaxation with the increased blood flow to the areas where the stones are placed.  This type of therapy is similar to using a heating pad to warm and relax muscles before working on them.

We advise that you call us to discuss which massage will be suitable for your therapeutic needs.

Contact us today to book your massage. We proudly serve clients in the Westminster and surrounding areas of Denver.

7350 W 88th Ave Unit E, Westminster, CO 80021
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