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Auto Injury Massage
If you've been injured in a crash and you live in Denver Co, we can help you recover from your accident injuries with massage therapy!
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Auto Injury Massage

Faster Recovery
Increased Range of Motion
Reduced Swelling
Pain Reduction

Auto Injury Massage

At Safflower Day Spa we are dedicated to helping you recover from your accident injuries.  Our massage therapists can gently work with your body and your individual injuries, to help you in your recovery.  Whether you have any of the below symptoms from the jarring of the accident,  we can help to relax your muscles and discomfort and increase the blood flow to the affected areas:

Headaches and migraines

Shoulder sprains or strains

Cervical sprains or strains

Thoracic sprains or strains

Lumbar sprains or strains


Lower back pain

Myofascial pain

Massage therapy can reduce these symptoms and help alleviate conditions like insomnia and depression.  One of the benefits of massage is relaxation of the muscles.   Deep relaxation can also be beneficial to your mental recovery after an accident.  Mental trauma is often overlooked after an accident, and can hinder relaxation and sleep, which are vital to help your body heal naturally.  By relieving the tightness and inflammation in the muscles, your body can lead you on a path to quicker healing and better range of motion. Our recovery-focused massage therapy program may promote better movement of the circulatory and lymphatic systems, which can help reduce the swelling that typically accompanies injuries incurred during an accident. Therapeutic massage and gentle touch can help with the stiffness, soreness and mental trauma that often follows accidents, by increasing blood flow to the injured area.

Trigger Point

Like unknotting a piece of string, trigger point massage tries to soften and unlock the muscles tight response which is normal after a jarring accident.  These tight spots in the muscle tissue, known as trigger points, can radiate pain in other parts of the body. A skilled massage therapist can find these key areas, and with gentle technique, may compress and then release isolated pressure points, allowing the muscle to change its muscle memory and relax.

Myofascial Release

Myofascial tissues surround and support the muscles in your body, and typically develop tightness and tenderness following any type of injury especially auto injury. Myofascial release massage can gently and gradually stretch those tissues to help relax the tight buildup of supporting tissue around the affected muscle which has been causing you pain.

Our qualified therapists are here to help you get back on track, and reclaim your equilibrium and emotional stability after your accident or surgery.

Please see your doctor before scheduling an auto injury therapy massage.


Note: We accept insurance for auto injury massage therapy.

Ask your doctor for a referral. Once you meet with your doctor about your condition or injury, be sure to ask him/her for a referral for massage therapy. You must have a referral in order to have your therapy covered by your insurance.


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