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Our various therapeutic massages help relieve back and neck pain, reduce stress and inflammation leaving you relaxed and renewed. Call Today!
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Foot and Body Massage
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Foot and Body Massage

Foot and Body Massage

Safflower Day Spa has combined the Foot and Body Massage into a holistic, total body experience.   Massaging the feet and whole body can be one of the most therapeutic ways to release tight muscles, improve whole body circulation and leave you feeling rejuvenated.


A foot massage can take a lot of pressure off the body and help to alleviate the everyday tensions that build up from too much standing, walking and not enough self care.   Massaging the feet may involve manual techniques, such as smooth gliding movements, friction, squeezing, wringing and kneading of soft tissues to stimulate the muscles, evoke relaxation and improve circulation.  Massaging the pressure points and arches in the feet can help you take care of your tired, swollen, painful feet and ankles.


A whole body massage is a therapeutic, holistic way to take care of yourself, helping to relieve your pain, stress and leave you feeling peaceful and nurtured.   There is nothing more healing than human touch and combining the foot and body massage leaves each area of your body treated.


During our busy days we hardly notice that our muscles are tensing up.   Bad sleep habits don’t seem to leave us relaxed in the mornings and the cycle continues, building up stress and with it pain and tightness in our bodies and feet.   Taking the time to relax these issues will eventually help your body health as well as your mind health.   There is nothing more important than looking after yourself so that you can, in turn, give that love and nurturing to others.


Call us today and make this a regular part of your wellness routine : 720-323-4107