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Deep Tissue Massage – Total relief for Muscle Tension
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Deep Tissue Massage – Total relief for Muscle Tension

Deep Tissue Massage – Total relief for Muscle Tension

A Massage therapist will work intensively on connective tissue or fascia and tight muscles to increase blood flow to the specific areas.  This is not a gentle Swedish style massage and is perfect for helping people with specific pain areas and overall tension.

Your Massage therapist, @SafflowerDaySpa,  will work with your specific needs applying long, deep, slow strokes which may help to reduce minor aches and pain, increase range of motion, and ease inflammation.

This type of massage can have a very relaxing effect, focusing on relieving chronic muscle tension, especially if those all over body aches are bothering you.   A Deep Tissue Massage can relieve tight connective tissue. It can support greater fascial movement and increases range of motion and athleticism.

After this type of massage, you may experience a greater sense of well being, overall improvement of muscle relaxation, and a better night’s sleep.  Remember to take care of your body and overall wellness and treat yourself to a  massage every now and again.

If you are experiencing very tired, sore muscles call us and we will be able to recommend the right massage for you.

Take care of yourself and treat yourself kindly:

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