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Body Salt Exfoliation Massage
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Body Salt Exfoliation Massage

Body Salt Exfoliation Massage

Our body salt exfoliation will leave your skin feeling fresh, radiant and vibrant after the long summer months.   This is a must to prepare your body for the long winter months ahead.  This type of exfoliation will help to remove dry, dead skin cells, and stimulate the renewal of new skin. This treatment is like a facial for your body and will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed with an overall glow.

Salt has antibacterial qualities along with minerals to assist in the replenishment of tired, dry, crusty skin.  The scrubbing movements and massage of the salt will help to stimulate the blood flow to the surface of the skin, encouraging a rosy glow.  After the removal of the salt, you will be able to totally relax with our healing oil massage which will leave your skin feeling wonderful.

Your body will be stimulated and encouraged to produce new healthy skin cells which will tighten and help you to look younger and firmer.  After you’ve experienced our body salt exfoliating massage, you will make sure that you regularly build this into your beauty and health routine.

This type of treatment is like a celebration of the end of summer and is a treat for all to indulge in.  Call us today and we will schedule this wonderful experience for you: 720-323-4107