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Best Thai Massage
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Best Thai Massage

Best Thai Massage

If you are looking for one of the best #Thai Massages near you, @SafflowerDaySpa, we will become one of your most regular treatment stops.   Our highly trained therapists will help to relieve those aches and pains that are lingering from the holiday season.   In Thailand, it is an ancient massage, also known as an “ancient healing way.” Over the years Thai Massage has developed into a popular holistic health tradition that includes aspects of yoga, Ayurveda, and Chinese medicine.

Thai Massage is usually done on a mat not on a bed for maximum movement and stretching by your therapist.   Thai Massage practitioners will move your limbs specifically and gently to stretch joints and relieve compaction and pressure.   They will then gently massage your whole body, concentrating on specific key areas that relate to Thai medicinal theory.

There are many benefits of having a regular Thai Massage, such as increased range of motion in stiff, tight joints.    Thai massage combines compression,#acupressure, and passive stretching. These increase the range of motion in your joints and muscles. This can also improve your posture.

Thai Massage therapists can help with certain kinds of back pain by focusing on areas that can contribute to back pain such as the inner thigh and abdomen muscles.   However,if you have chronic back pain it is important to consult your doctor beforehand.

Thai Massage has also been used to release tension headaches which are aggravated by tight muscles in the neck and shoulder area.

Other benefits of Thai massage may include:

  • Better sleep
  • Better relaxation
  • Improved digestion
  • Calm mind or increased mindfulness

You can leave your clothes on for a Thai massage. It’s important to wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing that is easy to move in.

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